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The Splendor of India Part 3: Sister Regina Ann Rokosny

Posted by Administrator (admin) on May 08 2017
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In celebration of St. Francis Center for Renewal's seventh annual Star Struck Gala, we share with you several articles from sisters who served there and who called India "home" for a period of their lives. The Gala's theme -- The Splendor of India -- comes shining through in these reflections.

In this installment, Sister Regina Ann Rokosny recounts a beloved visit to this exotic land.

As a young child, my favorite magazine was National Geographic. I traveled the world through this magazine. The diversity in nature, manners of living, farming, etc. captured my mind. Of course, I would have loved to visit every state, every country if possible. Some of my dream did come true! One Janaury 1, I was invited to travel to India for four months to be a part of the new foundation. A New Year and a new adventure!

Nothing can quite prepare you for the unique sights, sounds and smells I was to experience. I always imagined India to be exotic, and I was not disappointed! Although the food, the colors of nature and Mother Nature are very unique, the warmth and charm of the people was most captivating.

I came to realize that, in India, family is of great value. On one occasion I had the wonderful experience of attending the wedding of one of the sister's brothers. It began at the home of the groom, where I witnessed the blessing of the groom by his parents. Then at 9 a.m., off to the church for the wedding Mass and then to the home of the bride, where a festive meal had been prepared for the guests. This was followed by a trip back to the home of the groom, where more ritual and feasting took place. The celebrations lasted into the late evening.

Faith is also very important in Indian families. As I was welcomed into the homes of several sisters, I experienced a deep love for family and God. It did not matter that I could not understand Malayalam. What mattered was that I was their guest. So we smiled a lot and, if someone knew English, we had translation.

So in my attempt to teach the young women English, I was taught by them to love and respect my heritage, as I saw their love for their faith and country deeply embedded in their daily lives. They taught me how to crack open coconuts on a huge knife, to sing Malayalam hymns, to venture near elephants, to enjoy life.

Their work of spreading our faith is remarkable, and I thank them and my sisters for inviting me to see some of our remarkable world.

Sister Regina Ann Rokosny, OSF

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