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Spiritual Seasoning

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Oct 23 2017
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As brilliant sunlight wafts into the room aboard a mild autumn breeze, Sister Georgette Dublino strums her guitar to life, and the angelic voices of a small gathering of elder sisters fill the small space. It is Wednesday afternoon Scripture Study in Antonia Hall at Mount Assisi, a small yet energetic endeavor Sister Georgette began leading this fall.

The tender melody of Open My Eyes, Lord streams out the open window, a gentle reminder of the deep sense of spirituality that still inhabits the motherhouse on the hill. Even in retirement, our sisters remain committed to prayer and deepening their understanding of scripture. No one is required to come, but Sister hopes they do, to feed their own souls and to nourish hers too.

“The size of the group doesn’t matter,” she says. “If you love scripture and I love scripture, then we meet.”

Along with Sisters Lorita Kristufek and Virginia Rose Carroll, Sister Georgette has been ministering to the sisters in personal care in Pittsburgh. Simple, small gatherings are a staple of the approach she now shares with our elder sisters, Marian Hall residents and, hopefully soon, parishioners at a nearby church. Also in the works are weekly 20-minute inspirational gatherings for staff at the Mount Assisi complex.

BELOW: Sister Norberta Kralosky (left) sings along as Sister Georgette Dublino leads a small group in singing Open My Eyes, Lord.

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