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Social Media Draws Alumnae to Sisters

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Nov 23 2016
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When Pope Benedict XVI joined Twitter in late 2012, it was action in support of his words about the importance of embracing new forms of communication in a changing world. Within a month, he had 2.5 million followers worldwide, including 11,000 who read only his Latin messages. His successor, Pope Francis, now has 10 million Twitter followers.
“It is not technology which determines whether or not communication is authentic, but rather the human heart and our capacity to use wisely the means at our disposal,” Pope Francis said in Communication & Mercy: A Fruitful Encounter published earlier this year.
Both Twitter and Facebook – the two most popular social media platforms – can seem foreboding to religious, especially when they are mentioned so frequently on the evening news and even played an influential role in the recent presidential election. But if used responsibly, social media can provide a wonderful means of communication with friends and family and facilitate sharing of photos across the miles. Facebook also allows users to easily control exactly who can see their posts and who they “friend.”
While the platform remains a mystery and a personal choice for most of our sisters, as a community we do keep friends and benefactors updated about events and news around the Province through our community page. We often hear from many alumnae who are delighted to learn about the sisters they have not seen in many years.
Sisters Frances Marie Duncan, Nancy Celaschi, Bonnie Marie Kleinschuster, Carol Ann Papp, Lorita Kristufek, Pat Marie Buranosky and Roselyn Kuzma are among our sisters who have Facebook accounts. Pages for St. Francis Center for Renewal, the Monocacy Farm Project, Marian Hall Home and Mount Assisi Academy Preschool also have many followers.
Nicole Knupsky, who co-chairs the Catholic Sisters Leadership Council’s Collaborative Communications Committee, sees that virtually all communities of women religious in Western Pennsylvania actively use Facebook to communicate. She maintains the School Sisters of St. Francis Facebook page and supplements those for Marian Hall and the preschool. Jan Gough, marketing and development director for St. Francis Center for Renewal, keeps the Renewal Center’s Facebook page fresh with several posts weekly.
Facebook users can access our page hereBelow is a collection of recent posts from our community Facebook page:
Lisa Harrietha-Benson, who spent some time a few years back in discernment with our sisters, offered this message and a recent family photo on October 4: “It seems like a lifetime ago that I visited you in Pittsburgh. Life definitely has changed direction for me, as my son is now 3 years old and my husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary two weeks ago. But this morning as I got up and realized that it is the Feast of Saint Francis, I thought of the beautiful sisters I met at Mount Assisi, the way faith grew, and the many sisters who I bonded with. I wish you all a wonderful Feast of Saint Francis.”

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On October 14, Rev. Jordan Kelly, OP, chaplain at Archbishop John Carroll High School in Philadelphia, Pa., sent this reflection about our late Sister Aurelia Cerny: “Tomorrow, October 15, is the feast of St. Teresa of Avila, which was the feast day of Sister Mary Aurelia. When as a seventh grade student I asked why this day was her feast, Sister told me there was another saint on this day the Fourth Century martyr Aurelia. The martyr Aurelia, like Teresa of Avila, knew all that God wanted us to be and called those around her to strive for the same. Isn’t that so Sister Aurelia? On this, her first feast day in heaven, I know that she lives the hymn she loved: “Let all mortal flesh keep silence, and with fear and trembling stand ...” With Teresa and the first Aurelia, Sister Aurelia is all that God created her to be. My Mass in the morning is for her!”

* * * * *

Dennis Mooney, who works as a registered nurse in North Bergen, wrote, “Sister Virginelle was my school principal at St. John’s Nepomucene in North Bergen, N.J. I just wanted to say hi and thank her for her time and effort in instilling the good Christian ethics and values.” Dennis and Sister M. Virginelle Makos have since reconnected via email.

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Erin Thomas, another former student from North Bergen, added, “I would like to thank Sister Virginelle for all the good she did for me as a young girl at St. John’s. Sister taught me respect and morals even though I was a handful. She was the best principal patient and kind. I am very fortunate to have attended a school that taught us everything I ever needed to know.”

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Sister Rosalia Giba was contacted through our Facebook page recently by Marcia Castro Rojas of Coquimbo, Chile. Marcia remembers Sister Rosie from her ministry at Christ the Redeemer Chapel in Antofagasta, where she was Marcia’s Godmother for confirmation. They too have reconnected via email.

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