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Giving Thanks

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Nov 21 2017
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With Thanksgiving upon us, many of our Sisters share here the many gifts for which they thank God each day.

Sister Anece Salay — I am most thankful for the life God has given me. I am thankful for the people who, in His wisdom, He placed in my life at the various stages – from my parents to the present day. The Lord has, in His mercy, given me gifts and talents that never permitted me to be “bored.” My family, the church, the congregation, the communities I have lived in, the places of my ministry have all added to the “riches” I have experienced, even in the midst of the “poorness” we had to face. For the lives and deaths of people I have walked with – some for a long time, others just in passing – I am thankful.

Sister Joyce Burkhart — I thank Jesus for his life, death and resurrection.

Sister Marie Bernadette Kelleher – I am thankful for community fellowship and spiritual support; many good memories of my mom and dad; the loving support of my sister and brother; the privilege of daily Adoration with my God; the ability to be of service to the needs of my Sisters in Christ; the daily gift of seeing a sunrise; the satisfaction of a balanced day’s work; the spontaneity of a hearty laugh; the consideration of others with my disabilities; a heart filled with gratitude for daily blessings; the daily gift of “little miracles” – a sister’s smile, a kind word in passing, a helping hand.

Sister Connie Frank — I am thankful for the things I learned from my mother and dad in the 18 years I lived with them. I entered the convent when I was 18. Mom taught me the basics of keeping house – cooking and baking, cleaning, making beds and sorting laundry. Dad taught me a respect for “fixing things” as I watched him repair anything from my doll’s broken arm to everything electrical. When we kids played outside, Dad whistled and the Frank kids ran home to supper and an early bedtime. Mom taught us our prayers and both Mom and Dad taught us to behave.

Sister Marguerite Stewart — I am most grateful for God’s great and unconditional love, shone in so many ways, small and big, every day. I am grateful for the gift of family, community and friends who have all contributed to who I am today. I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences of my life. I am grateful for experiencing our sisters in all our jurisdictions and seeing life with new eyes. It changed my life. I am grateful for the many opportunities I have to serve Him each day. I am grateful for our country. Really, I am grateful for everything.

Sister Mary Xavier Bomberger — I am thankful for the grace to begin again each new day, reaching out to others, knowing that I have the support of my sisters in community, the love of my family and, above all, the gift of God’s loving and merciful presence.

Sister Dorothy Bucko — First and foremost, I am grateful for God’s many gifts of love and the many blessings bestowed on me throughout my life. God has given me parents who loved me and took care of me, fed and nourished me and made sure I had a good education – a good Catholic education. I am thankful to the School Sisters of St. Francis for the opportunity to attend college to study music for my future work in parishes and schools. I am happy to be able to remain here to help in whatever way I can, as long as God gives me the strength and good health. I am grateful to the Sisters for their help, kindness and understanding in our “elder” years. 

Sister Carolyn Mitrichka — I am thankful for my religious upbringing, my Franciscan Sisters, all I have received from the community, and for all the blessings the Lord continues to give me.

Sister Amata Shina — I am thankful for the gift of life; my parents and my Catholic upbringing; my family, siblings and relatives; the Eucharistic presence of Jesus; the gift of my religious vocation; my Catholic education; my college education provided by the congregation; my caregivers now in my retired years; food and shelter; my ministry at St. Matthias; the opportunity to attend daily Mass; the gift of expression in the written word; the opportunities for spiritual growth afforded me at St. Matthias.

Sister Frances Pastusek — I am thankful for my spiritual growth and for all the help and guidance that is available to me.

Sister Rene Parent — I am thankful for the experiences I’ve had at St. Luke’s Hospital and Holy Family Manor. It taught me various ways to accept the things I cannot change and to find new avenues to live the remaining days of my life to full progression through faith, the unseen essential.

Sister Georgette Dublino — How thankful I am for the gift of my Faith and the Lord’s love and presence in my life each day and the beauty of God’s magnificent creation! I am so grateful for the Lord calling me to religious life, and the privilege to spend my life living out the “Franciscan call” to “renew and rebuild the Church.” My heart is filled with the joy of the love of my family, wonderful Sisters in community, very many loving and caring friends and, finally, for my country founded on the Christian faith!

Sister Karen Buco — I am thankful for God’s love; the gift of life; the beauty of nature; all of creation; the blessings of family, relatives, friends and especially my Franciscan Family, which supports and strengthens me in so many ways.

Sister Marie Therese Sherwood — When I think of all the things for which I am thankful, first and foremost, it is for my God who loves and cares for me each moment and Who has gifted me with life, expressed through the love of my dear parents. I am thankful for growing up in a family environment nurtured by faith and support for each other, active parish life, and relatives who enjoyed spending time together, often breaking out into song. I am thankful for the gift of my religious vocation to our congregation, the richness of our history, and our Franciscan spirituality and tradition. I am thankful for nature, which nourishes my spirit, particularly sunrises and sunsets, walks along the seashore (I’m a Jersey girl), the four seasons, snow, birds of all kinds, and animals, especially Pugs! I am grateful for close friends with whom I can laugh and cry and share my deepest thoughts and concerns, and for coworkers whose dedication to ministry inspires me. 

Sister Frances Marie Duncan — I am thankful for my relationship with God; my Franciscan Community; my family, friends and coworkers; and the many students who have touched my life.

Sister Pat Marie Buranosky — I am very grateful that my loving Creator blessed my amazing parents with me almost 83 years ago, giving me the best family, my vocation, my Sisters, gifts that I use for the sake of the Kingdom; placed me in many places and circumstances that were fruitful and rewarding, and brought me into old age and sustains me with his love and grace!

Sister Jean Makovsky — I am thankful for the gift of my life, the gift of my faith, for my dear family, and for all the beautiful people the Lord has put into my life to help me in my growth as a person and in my spiritual growth.

Sister Roselyn Kuzma — I am thankful for the opportunity to attend the Eucharist every day; all of my family – my parents, 10 siblings, 29 nieces and nephews and their spouses, children, grandchildren and all my relatives; for God blessing our family with a priest; having my newborn nephew at my Silver Jubilee be the main celebrant for my 60th Jubilee; having Sister Ellen as my favorite cousin who went home to God at age 103; my ministry and all those I work with and minister to; God, who loves me in spite of myself; my community that I have shared with for more than 60 years; my gifts, especially photography and genealogy; just … everything!

Sister Adelina Garcia — I am thankful for the gift of life. It is so easy to take life for granted. This year I’ve lost my dad and a dear friend. This has made me reflect on how God blesses me with people who greatly influence me.

Sister Barbara Ann Webster — I am thankful for the gift of creativity. Not only does it give me the opportunity to bring out the beauty in the unusual, but it gives me ample time to pray as I craft. The smiles produced when viewing my projects are a silent prayer expressing God’s joy in simple pleasures.

Sister Anne Kutch — I am thankful for my life and my vocation, family, community, friends, education and experiences, all the people who have come into my life, and for all the children I taught and prepared for sacramental reception.

Sister Marietta Bankos — I am thankful for the gift of life; the sacraments; my religious vocation; the privilege of education; my Catholic parents, who were outstanding examples of love and kindess; attendance at every Provincial Chapter; attendance at General Chapters as delegate; responsibilities as provincial and general secretary; teaching experiences, especially the business subjects at St. Francis Academy; visits to Assisi, Lourdes, Slovakia and countless community visits; life in religious community and the countless opportunities never to be taken for granted; the privilege of retirement years with ample time for prayer, relfection and contemplation. And finally the gift of God’s love – being loved and to love.

Sister Lorita Kristufek — I am thankful for God’s wonderful and awe-inspiring gift of creation! I am deeply grateful to God for my family who instilled in me the gift of prayer and devotion in both the Roman Catholic and Byzantine Catholic Ukranian Rites of the Church. My grandfather was a professor of music and came from the Ukraine to share and teach here in the United States. I am most grateful for my gift of the Catholic faith and my religious vocation. The School Sisters of St. Francis have educated me and provided for me for over 56 years of life and ministry in community. I am also grateful for the gift of time to spread God’s Good News and to continue discerning God’s will in all things.

Sister Irene Novak — I am still thankful for the person who early in my religious life taught me that mastering my thought life and not allowing negative thinking would insure life-long inner peace. I am grateful for the community (and grace) for instilling in me a love for learning, even now in my 80s. I hanker to learn something new. I am thankful for the mental ability to detect the good outcome of severe setbacks and disasters, such as the tremendous outpouring of help for hurricane victims. I am thankful for having lived many years with persons whose lives were worth imitating.

Sister Ann Marie Yenca — I am most grateful for the grace of my religious vocation, which has exposed to me the great gifts of Eucharist and Mary, our mother. I am particularly grateful for the tremendous grace of perseverance, the gift of good health, and the loving support of my family members.

Sister Norberta Kralosky — I am thankful for the opportunity to go to heaven someday (hopefully).

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