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Posted by Administrator (admin) on Mar 26 2018
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On March 24, our own Sister Marie Therese Sherwood – along with St. Matthias Catholic Community parishioners Donna Kahora and Marianne Gerace – participated in the March for our Lives rally in Princeton, N.J.  Approximately 5,000 people showed by their presence the need for regulating gun laws in our country. The March was organized by a young woman who is a senior at Princeton High School.

Sister Marie Therese was very moved by speakers who shared personal experiences: a mother who lost her son to gun violence and a young man who was a senior in Littleton, Col., in 2014 when a fellow student walked into their school and began shooting in the hallways. He and a friend were eating lunch in the cafeteria. When they heard the shots, they hid under the tables and texted their parents. Fearing they would be killed, they told them how much they loved them. Gratefully, they were not harmed.

“While the young man was speaking, he broke down in tears and his hands began to shake as he relived this moment,” Sister says. “The whole crowd stood in silent compassion, many of us crying along with him.”

Rallygoers were led in song by a beautiful woman, who sang We Shall Overcome and Lean On Me, and ended the rally with Let There Be Peace on Earth

“Hearing 5,000 voices raised in song touched me to the core of my being. The solidarity among the crowd was palpable,” Sister says. “Millions of our youth will turn 18 before this coming November and vow to vote out those who will not support the need for gun regulation. I am so grateful I attended this March and hope to be present for whatever the next step will be.”

After the U.S. gun control Marches, Pope Francis spoke to the youth in his Palm Sunday homily. “Young people, you have it in you to shout. It’s up to you not to keep quiet,” he said. “Even if others keep quiet, if we older people and leaders keep quiet, if the whole world keeps quiet and loses its joy. I ask you, will you cry out?”

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