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A Bounty of Hope Ahead in 2017

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Jan 25 2017
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Each new year brings a fresh opportunity to set new goals, scrub the slate and craft a vision for the months ahead. Whether it’s for themselves, our community or the world around us, our sisters welcome 2017 with robust spiritual wish lists that they generously share here.

Sister Norberta Kralosky – From January 18 to 25, the church celebrates the Christian Unity Octave, followed by the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul on January 25. It would be nice if all Christian sects would be unified. But until that happens, let’s hope that all believers will practice their own faith and let others do the same. Let’s hope that 2017 will be more peaceful throughout the world, if the killings and persecutions would stop.

Sister Amata Shina – It is my prayer that we in community really work hard at respecting the dignity of each Sister and make nonviolence a way of life. That nations and political leaders work to lay a foundation for world peace; for an end to domestic violence and abuse of women and children. That we may become instruments of God’s peace within our community, in our places of ministry and among our friends. That there would be a more equal distribution of our world’s resources so that we could end hunger and poverty, especially among the poor and marginalized. In community that we come to realize that everyone is a blessing and that just “to be” is a blessing.

Sister Connie Frank – I wish we would be able to feel more at home with one another.

Sister Adelina Garcia – I look forward to a year of hope, joy, imagination and creativity in all I am and do. As a Franciscan, I want to serve those who are ignored, marginalized and ostracized. I want to bring the joy of the Gospel to all I meet.

Sister Barbara Ann Webster – Everyone – and I do mean everyone – is created in God’s image. Whomever we meet in our daily encounters, I hope the message from the depths of our hearts is, “Hi, God."

Sister Karen Buco – I hope for peace, joy and love in my own heart and in the hearts of people everywhere so that this world we live in will be a better place.

Sister Georgette Dublino – I hope that we, the School Sisters of St. Francis, by our commitment to our Franciscan calling, be witness to the compassionate love and mercy of Jesus, making better the world we touch. I pray that our new presidential leadership will uphold and protect the principles and values on which our country was formed and founded, respecting our God-given rights.

Sister Pat Marie Buranosky – I look forward to this New Year of 2017 and expect with great anticipation the extravagant signs of love from our providential and loving God. He never let me down before.

Sister Jo Goolish – One of my goals involves the students I teach each day. I want to encourage them to be lifelong learners, be passionate, be ready to take risks, be able to problem-solve and think critically, be able to look at things differently, be able to work independently and with others, be creative, care and want to give back to their community, to persevere, have integrity and self-respect, have moral courage, be able to use the world around them well, speak well, write well, read well and work well with numbers, and to truly enjoy their life and their work.

Sister Roselyn Kuzma – I wish for peace in our world; more vocations to religious life, especially to our congregation; beautification of Sister Eliska; more vocations to the priesthood and deaconate; continued good health for our sisters and family members; to lose 10 more pounds; and that we have beautiful Jubilee celebrations this year.

Sister Marie Glodava – My wish for this New Year is that through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, Patroness of the United States, peace may reign throughout our land and we may see an end to ISIS and all forces of terrorism.

Sister Carol Ann Papp – 2017 marks new beginnings, new people to meet, new adventures to enjoy and new memories to create. It’s also a time to allow God to unfold new pages and start a new chapter in our own lives, in our community, and in our country because it’s a great new year!

Sister Marietta Bankos – Let us take time each day to stop and thank the dear Lord for His infinite love for each of us and, in return, to share God’s love by bringing about unity and love in our community – the U.S. Province. In short, let us rely on Jesus who is our helper.         

Sister Frances Marie Duncan – My hope for the Province is that we grow in unity and that a sense for the common good rules our speech, our actions and our decisions. My hope for our United States is that despite our strong feelings regarding the past election, we strive to work together across party lines to promote social justice issues, especially regarding the poor, the underprivileged and immigrants. My hope for myself is that I make better choices regarding eating and exercising to keep healthy.

Sister Nancy Celaschi – I hope that we, the people, can put aside our differences and work together without sacrificing our values and beliefs. The Italians have a poignant saying: “Hope is the last to die.”

Sister Lorita Kristufek – My hopes and dreams include a peaceful world where harmony abounds and all people come together as one. I wish good health to all and God’s blessing of religious vocations to our congregation, especially to our U.S. Province.

Deb Neely (Bethlehem-area associate) – My hopes and goals for 2017 are to become a more peaceful and kind person by looking at ways to focus on what is truly important – people and, most importantly, my family – and let go of other activities and things that create personal chaos and clutter.

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