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2017 Jubilarians Honored

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Jun 26 2017
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There was a common theme that flowed through the School Sisters of St. Francis 2017 Jubilee Celebration in Pittsburgh on June 17. Commitment.

The Rev. Gregory Chervenak underscored it during his homily, and Sisters Frances Marie Duncan and Marian Sgriccia recognized its rarity in an ever-changing world when they addressed the nearly 200 guests who shared in the day.

Commitment surely is not taken lightly by this year’s Jubilarians, six lifelong sisters with diverse ministry experiences that total some 370 years in religious life. As young ladies barely across the threshold of adulthood, they took vows to serve selflessly. And on Saturday – surrounded by family, friends and community – they renewed those vows originally taken in 1947, 1957 and 1967.

Rev. John Paul Kuzma presided as his aunt, Sister Roselyn Kuzma (60th jubilee) and five other sisters celebrated their lives in ministry. Sister Roselyn met her infant nephew for the first time at her 25th Jubilee in 1982. “And today he said the Mass,” she noted during brief comments before those gathered in the dining room for a delicious meal after the liturgy. 

John Paul’s presence alone illustrated the legacies of this year’s Jubilarians, a point that Rev. Chervenak, cousin of Sister Francesca Parana (70th Jubilee), hammered home in a homily sprinkled with humor. “Those you’ve touched also bear fruit and so through them you are still bearing fruit yourselves,” he told them.

Many they’ve influenced were on hand for this special day, some traveling hours across many miles to attend. The liturgy, procession, music and more were all touched in some way by younger members of the Jubiliarians’ families – nephews, great nieces, cousins, siblings and students, from those who first encountered Sister Connie Frank (70th Jubilee) decades ago, to the loyal nieces and nephews of Sister Norberta Kralosky (70th Jubilee), to friends from Sister Patrica Ann Mahoney’s (50th Jubilee) new ministry. 

Even Sister Mary Martha Zammatore (50th Jubilee), who hails from eastern Pennsylvania and had no family on hand, enjoyed sharing time with old friends and even sisters within our own community who she hasn’t seen in years. She welcomed her relatives to the Bethlehem-area celebration on August 12.

With the sun shining outside and smiles beaming inside, this special Saturday shall not be forgotten.

Please see more than 240 Jubilee photos on our Facebook Page.

Our 2017 Jubilarians are (standing from left) Sisters Roselyn Kuzma, Mary Martha Zammatore, Patricia Ann Mahoney, (seated from left) Francesca Parana, Norberta Kralosky and Constance Frank.

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