Sister Lorita Kristufek (center) celebrates the commitment of Kathy and Stan Duncan (left)
and the recommitment of 21 years of John and Ruth Gesselberty (right).

Our religious community is supported and enhanced by a bountiful group of lay Associates, who share in our mission and charism. Some have been with us for many years, while others have only just become intimately involved in our community. We are grateful for their fellowship, friendship and commitment to our Franciscan values. They are:   

Rosalie Adducie (Allentown, Pa.)
Linda Beutel (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Priscilla Brekus (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Joyce Bogusky (Easton, Pa.)
Shirley Briody (Allentown, Pa.)
Janice Briggs (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Dolores Casteline (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Camilla D'Annunzio (Allentown, Pa.)
Tina Demyan (Bethlehem, Pa.)

Stan & Kathy Duncan (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Barbara Fiedler (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Patricia Flemming (Macungie, Pa.)
Joan Foerst (Columbia, N.J.)
Bonnie Graboski (Allentown, Pa.)
Jeff and Terry Hero (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Patricia Hydro (Jim Thorpe, Pa.)
Maryann Kearns (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Helen Keith (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Nicole Knupsky (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Jeanne Kocian (Whitehall, Pa.)

Sylvia Kwiatek (Easton, Pa.)
Helen McComb (Allentown, Pa.)
Laurie Ann Merwin (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Barbara Miller (Northampton, Pa.)
Joan Miller (Catasauqua, Pa.)
Patricia Minford (Easton, Pa.)
Heidi Moyer (Allentown, Pa.)
Deb Neely (Coplay, Pa.)
Brian and Melody Newhard-Kirk (Allentown, Pa.)
Margaret Parrish (Bethlehem, Pa.)
JoAnne Pekarik (Allentown, Pa.)
Sharon Penater (Allentown, Pa.)
Diane Rice (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Mercedes Saldutti (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Doreen Santia (Aliquippa, Pa.)
Ann Tabone (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Connie Taschner (Slatington, Pa.)
Mary Ann Tkacik (Beaver Falls, Pa.)
Gloria Upanavage (Tamaqua, Pa.)
Cristina Ventura (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Rev. Gary and Linda Walbert (Coplay, Pa.)

Joanne Bedillion (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Cheryl Buchlmayer (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Mary Helen Cerna (San Antonio, Texas)
Bob and Elisa Clay (Moon Township, Pa.)
Anna Marie and Betty Donovan (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Armandina Garcia (San Antonio, Texas)
John and Ruth Gesselberty (Stewartstown, Pa.)
Jeff and Nancy Kammersell (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Doreen Santia (Aliquippa, Pa.)

 For information about becoming an Associate, please contact
Sister Lorita Kristufek at 412-761-6004 or

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